Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
- Robert Frost

Monday, 14 November 2011

Paris 2011: a trip to remember!!

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Walk like an Egyptian :)

                                          The mask covering the mummy's face

How cool is this!?!?  Yesterday I went with my family and a family friend to Brussels to see the Tutankhamun exhibit while it was in town. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! So much history!!!

                                                           The sarcophagus

                                                          The outer casket

                                                                  The inner casket

It was a mixture of original pieces and replicas, because apparently transporting hundreds of gold statues around the world is hard :P  But the mummy was real!! And the replicas of King Tut's tomb were so realistic!! WOOOOOWWWW SOOOO COOOOL!!!!!

                                                                         King Tut :O

I think I'll have to add Egypt to my world travel list now!!!

Much love!


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Paris, Take two!

Just got back from Paris last night, and I know now that it really is the people that make the place!  Totally different this time around!!!  Paris is still as amazing as ever, but what I loved the most was sharing it with my friends!!  It was so unbelievably awesome!!  We took a bus down Saturday morning (which I loved, because long bus trips rule :P!!!) and we started sightseeing right away!! Day one consisted of a LOOONG tour of the Chateau Versaille, dinner, a tour of Paris by night on the bus, and a quick stop in front of the Eiffel Tower :)

Day two: Up by 7, Croissants and crepes for breakfast...très français!!  Another quick morning stop at the Eiffel Tower :) , then on to the Musée d'Orsay.  Many beautiful impressionist paintings (Van Gogh, Monet), but no pictures allowed :(  hehe did manage to get a couple though with my fellow Canadian, Cat :)  The next stop was where my dreams were realized: We ACTUALLY ENTERED THE LOUVRE MUSEUM!!  We spent 3 hours there, and it was nowhere near enough, but I did manage to see the Mona Lisa, the Italian paintings, the Egyptian exhibit, the Greek exhibit, and a little bit of the African and 18th century France exhibits as well!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!  We then stopped at the Champs Elysées for a little shopping and dinner, and then we took a beautiful boat tour along the Seine river (my camera died as this started :( but no worries! I am stealing pictures from other people! :P)  As soon as this tour was over, we had to sprint to make it on time to climb the Eiffel Tower!! ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!  It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Day three:  Up at 6h45, pack, breakfast, load the bus, and arrive at the Notre-dame Cathedral pretty much before anyone else :)  Then we drove through the streets of Paris (Holy wow TRAFFIC!! the French are crazy drivers :P) and then we climbed up...and up, and up to Montmartre (We felt the burn :P)  This is where the souvenir shopping kicked in :) Lunch was at THE Hard Rock Cafe :O Then *sigh* it was back on the bus and back home to Belgium.

An unforgettable trip, full of unforgettable people!! Paris Trip 2011!! I love you all!! xoxoxoxoxo

Much love!


p.s It's my big bro's birthday today!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! <3